STEM & Robot Themed Playing Cards – Fundraiser

Support Our Rookie Robotics Team and GET Rewarded with Custom STEM Themed Playing Cards That We Created…. Makes the perfect Gift!

Starting a rookie robotics team is very expensive as we are responsible to get all of our own power tools, hand tools, tool chests/cabinets, workbenches, electronics, computers, robot parts, competition field / game pieces for programming, uniforms, materials to build a pit, merchandise to give out at competitions, and we travel a lot for competitions. We didn’t want to just ask for money so we come up with a way to give our supporters something awesome for helping us out. Remember many of these students will go on to receive scholarship opportunities due to the professional skills learned while participating in competitive robotics.

ENIGMA 16265 is a rookie FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team which currently has 9 members, ages 12-16, grades 7-11.

Our 2019 Edition STEM themed playing cards feature suits in the form of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS in red and blue and robot styled face cards and jokers.

These playing cards make the perfect gift for your robot loving future STEM students and robotics enthusiasts. PLUS your giving to a great cause knowing that most of our robotics team members will have the opportunity for scholarships and/or careers in the fields of STEM.

Please visit our website  for playing card games and tricks and for preorder information.

To get to the cards order number we need to raise at least $2500, that’s only 500 people at 20 or 100 people at $50.

We cannot fulfill orders until we reach this number and will update you along the way. Once we’ve reached this number we will deliver cards based on the amounts below.

FOR A DONATION OF:  (Amounts include shipping in the USA! Outside the USA, we’ll contact you with additional shipping fees)
$20 = 1 Deck of 2019 Edition STEM Playing Cards
$35 = 2 Decks of 2019 Edition STEM Playing Cards
$50 = 4 Decks of 2019 Edition STEM Playing Cards
$75 = 6 Decks of 2019 Edition STEM Playing Cards
$100 = 9 Decks of 2019 Edition STEM Playing Cards
$150 = 15 Decks of 2019 Edition STEM Playing Cards
$200 = 22 Decks of 2019 Edition STEM Playing Cards
$250 = 28 Decks of 2019 Edition STEM Playing Cards or 1st Level Sponsorship
$250 – $2500 = See Sponsorship Info Below or Request Equivalent Decks of 2019 Edition STEM Playing Cards

NOTE: We will reach out to you with further instructions once we get to our target number. The bulk order of cards is estimated to be placed in mid November November at the latest. Shipping will begin around the 3rd week of November to arrive in plenty of time for Christmas.

PLEASE SHARE on FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER with those you might know will be interested in giving this unique gift to a loved one and helping out these super cool kids.




The reason for the amount we are attempting to raise is that to get to a break even price on the cards we need to raise the first $5k just to place the order for the cards. The remaining funds after shipping expenses will go towards our team thus the $14.5k amount. So please share with anyone you might know would be interested. If enough people just give $20 dollars meeting our goal won’t be too difficult.

NOTE: Next year when we release our 2020 Edition  STEM Themed Playing Cards we will be sure to give all of our early “rookie team” supports a special deal for being so generous this time around. 🙂

We thank you for your support and sharing our campaign. We’ll be posting regular updates of our progress so that you see what we’re up to.



Video Transcript

Madelene:   Hello! We are Enigma: a community FTC robotics team under the FIRST program. FIRST stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.”  It offers four levels of robotics to students across the world with the goal to spark an interest in STEM.

George:  The robots we build are 18 x 18 inches and compete against other robots in tournaments. these consist of multiple two-minute and thirty-second matches. The goals and theme of each season change every year. This year FIRST is teaming up with Disney’s Star Wars for a Star Wars-themed game.

Isabel: Not only do we learn how to design, build, and program robots by applying real-world math, science, and engineering concepts, but we also learn important business concepts such as public speaking, fundraising, and we develop problem-solving, organizational, technical, social, and team-building skills.

Jenna:  This is our first year as a team, and we currently have 9 members. However, 4 of us have done robotics under FIRST before, and have won over 21 awards within the program combined. We’re super excited for this season!

Gray:  As a robotics team, there are many expenses including travel, tools, and the parts to build the robot. We decided that a unique way to fundraise for our rookie year would be selling our own custom playing cards!

Everybody: Thank you for supporting our team!!

KiNslEy:  Make sure to check out our website for awesome tips and tricks!


ENIGMA 162165 at FIRST Tech Challenge Kickoff 2019 in Albuquerque, NM (a couple of members couldn’t make it so please forgive the lame photoshop edits.) 🙂

ENIGMA 16265 is a program of the 501C3 nonprofit Applied Dynamics Initiative so donations and sponsorship’s should be 100% tax deductible. Check out   for more info.