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Machines, Tools & Misc

With this years muted season due to the global pandemic, FIRST has provided the ability to compete in remote tournaments which means we wont have to travel and therefore will not have those expenses.

This is good news in the sense that fundraising has been extremely hard this year.  As of now we only have a few sponsors as compared to last year at this time when we had 10+ and were already competing.

The other really good news is that FIRST has extended our season to July of 2021 and this gives us plenty of time to collaborate and build in a safe manner.

With the new paradigm we’re in, we thought that we could pivot to replicate a more professional development environment. We have moved to a heavy emphasis on data gathering and analysis of our mechanism prototypes and as a result implementing them in CAD to produce a completed robot before a part is ordered or the build even begins.

To further replicate the real world development environment we want to invest in a few machines, tools and miscellaneous other items that will aide the students journey into their STEM professions. We could really use your help in obtaining the funds to complete this list.

  1. Tabletop CNC Milling Machine
    1. Shapeoko CNC Router XXL w/ Sweepy 65mm Router – $2050
    2. T-Track and Clamp Kit – $175
    3. Shapeoko BitZero – $79
    4. Laser Kit – $180
    5. End Mill Bits – $60
    6. Mist Lube/Cooler – $20
    7. Digital Calipers – $10
    8. Remote Keyboard – $21
  2. 3D Printer
    1. Prusa i3 MK3s 3D Printer – $750
    2. PETG 1.75 Fillament – $80
  3. Paint Spray Booth
    1. Portable Airbrush Spray Booth – $175

Total: $3600

Donations are tax deductible and sponsor/donor will be provided a receipt for tax records.

ENIGMA 16265 Robotics Team is a program of Applied Dynamics Initiative a 501(c)3 organization for assisting students find their passion in STEM through extra curricular activities. Thank you for you generosity in helping our students.